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Open teggee-Builder and log in with the user name and password that you received for your teggee account via e-mail.
login backend

Fill form „Intro“

In the preview window you can see a standard teggee-Page. To make your own teggee-Page, you must complete at least the „Intro”. It should show the visitor to your teggee-Page what he can expect.
color themes and background graphics

Add sections and fill in

At the bottom of the form to edit a teggee-Page you will find the button “[+] Add new section”. If you click this, a list of all section-types is displayed. Select the desired type, and then click „Add”. The section is inserted and the form opened so you can fill it in.
selection of sections

Customize design

To make your teggee-Page look the way you want it, select the command „Page Settings“. Here you cannot only add additional language versions, but also select a color theme and a background pattern and change how the text is displayed.
layout customize

Generate QR-code and publish

To make it easy for visitors to your teggee-Page to open the page on their smartphone, you can generate a QR code. Whoever has a corresponding app on their smartphone just needs to scan the QR-Code and they get the correct link to the teggee-Page.
QR-Code to print
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Tips & Tricks

Check the success and range of your campaign or activity!

You want to know how often the code was scanned on your advertising flyer as compared to your posters? How many participants have been following your conference online? Anyone who has shown interest in your SMS campaign? In which region your campaign was particularly successful?

Use teggee codes with different trace IDs (eg '25102014', 'HH-West' or 'Flyer10') to distinguish them in the statistics, from which location or promotional material your teggee code was scanned. The creation of a trace ID is done where you design your individual teggee code with slogan and logo.

Use all available channels to distribute your mobile Page!

Customize your personal teggee code (QR Code) with your colors, your logo and your slogan. Save the teggee code and post it to Facebook or other social networks. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Or scan the code yourself via smartphone - many QR-code scanners already offer the ability to widely distribute a link via SMS, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.

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teggee-Page examples

Scan the QR code for the example of your choice to experience the associated teggee-Page on your Smartphone!


QR-Code Hotel


The example shows a teggee-Page with lots of sections. A mobile website of this kind could be used for both internal and external hotel bookings.

QR-Code Museum


Using text, images, audio and videos, history comes alive again and can be experienced by the visitor.

QR Code personal column

Personal Column

Tell friends about happy events in your life. Be it a wedding, junior passed the examination or a big birthday.

QR Code product description

Product Description

Price markings and tags are usually too small to provide all the information available. And rarely can the customer take them home. The seller is more than likely unavailable on the weekend. How nice it would be to get the information with one tap on your smartphone!

QR Code business card

Business Card

Be technically up-to-date: with a mobile business card!

QR Code Traveling


Want to know more about an offer from your travel agent? Most trips are booked in the evenings or on weekends. Wouldn't it be nice if the travel offers posted in the window could be accessible anywhere at anytime.

QR Code Advertisement


You want to reach more customers with your newspaper ad? You want to provide information that cannot be reproduced in a newspaper - or just too expensive? Our product teggee-Newspaper is cheaper than you think!

QR Code conference


Inform the participants of your seminar, training or conference before, during and after the event - in minutes!

QR Code Tourism


Take advantage of the multilingual support of teggee to inform your international visitors in their own language.


Questions on ordering

Can I start right away when I have finished the order process? Yes. The teggee system automatically creates a user account for you and reserves your desired teggee-Page. You will receive immediately an e-mail with your login and you can start right away: to fill in your teggee-Page, to customize and publish."

What should I order if I want to create several teggee pages at once? That depends largely on the teggee package that you order. So, for example, included in the package „Shopping” are at least 10 teggees. If you need a different quantity than is available in our standard packages, please contact us. We review your needs and then give you a customized offer."

How can I extend the duration of a teggee-Page? If you have ordered a teggee-Page or package in which the duration can be extended by default from period to period, you can use the function „Extend duration” in teggee-Builder. In all other cases, please just contact us. We make you an offer and tell you how you can extend the duration."

What should I do if I have forgotten my password for teggee-Builder? If you find that you have forgotten your password, when trying to log into teggee-Builder, click here on the link „Forgot password?”. An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. There you will find a temporary password and link to login. After you have logged in with the temporary password, you automatically come to the form for changing the password. Once there, enter the temporary password again, enter a new password and repeat it to confirm. After clicking on „Save” the new password will be accepted."

Technical questions

What are the requirements for a computer on which I will build teggee pages? Because teggee-Builder is a web-based application, teggee pages can be built with any computer that has Internet access and is equipped with a popular, up-to-date web browser - no matter which operating system."

What requirements must a smartphone or tablet have, so that visitors can use a teggee-Page? Because a teggee-Page is a normal site that is optimized for display on a mobile device, teggee pages can be used with any standard smartphone or tablet that has Internet access and is equipped with a standard (mobile) web browser - no matter which operating system (iOS, Android, Windows)."

Which mobile browsers can be used for teggee-Pages? Each teggee-Page can be used with any of the widely used Web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. In addition, with many lesser-known browsers and of course with the browsers which are integrated in the respective mobile operating system."

Questions on use

How can I change the colors and the background of a teggee-Page? When editing a teggee-Page in teggee-Builder there is a function „Page Settings“ (the last section in the section list). Click this, here you will find a selection of color themes, background patterns and settings for font colors."

How can I change the URL of a teggee-Page? For certain products, it is possible to assign the name of the teggee-Page. Click the 'My teggees' menu item and then search for your teggee-Page. This will open a panel with several options. Click on the button „Rename” and then enter a new name for your teggee-Page."

How do I create a QR code with the URL of a teggee-Page? After you select the teggee-Page that you want to edit, a panel opens where you will find a button called „teggee code”. Click this and you go to the teggee-Builder function to create a QR code for the selected teggee-Page."

How can I improve the quality of QR codes for printing? Select the correct size of the QR code as best as possible so that you do not need to reduce or enlarge it on the final print product, since this often leads to blurring in the image. You should also make sure the color you choose for the code is not too bright since the QR-code scanner needs enough contrast. It is best to test with your smartphone if the code is scannable before you download it."

How can a user read my QR code and go to my teggee-Page? To read a QR code, an appropriate scanner app must be installed on the smartphone. Meanwhile, on some devices such an app is already pre-installed. If this is not the case, the user should download it, depending on the operating system, either from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store. Very good experience regarding scan quality, we recommend the app i-nigma."

How can I add my logo to the QR code? In our QR code generator is an option labeled „Your Logo”. In it you will find a button „upload image”. Click on the button and then upload the desired graphic file. And that's about it. The rest is done automatically for you by the teggee system. The size of the logo is automatically adjusted so that it is as large as possible and thus clearly visible, but at the same time the QR code still remains legible."

How do I create an NFC tag with the URL of a teggee-Page? To write to an NFC tag you need an NFC-enabled smartphone and an NFC-Writer app. With such an app you set the desired URL, i.e. in the case of a teggee http://pages.teggee.com/Pagename, bring the smartphone close to the NFC tag and perform the write operation. To protect the NFC tag from further manipulation it must be closed so that it cannot be overwritten. Get in touch with us. We can assist with the programming of your NFC tags. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate tags for your application."

How can I use both images and text in one section? To do this, use a text section. Using the text editor, it is possible to insert images into the text. Position the cursor at the location where the image is to be inserted. Then click on the small button with the image icon and upload your image. You can then select the image with the mouse and use the resize handles to change the size."

How can I link images with a URL? Position the cursor in the text section at the desired location and add an image by using the insert image button. Then click on the image with the right mouse button. A pop-up menu appears where you can add, edit or remove a link."

How can I embed a video in a teggee-Page? Upload the desired video to your YouTube channel and publish it. Use teggee-Builder to add a video section to your teggee-Page. Then enter the URL to the YouTube video and save. Note: if you use teggee in the corporate model, you can upload your videos directly into your teggee-Page."

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Please download the stored pdf files. The templates are created in CMYK colors and incorporate an additional 2 mm increase in dimension on all sides. If you prefer other formats, you are welcome to contact us.

Flyer for organizers of seminars, conferences, conventions, trainings

teggee-Flyer-Conference-aussen teggee-Flyer-Conference-innen

Flyer for printers and print service

teggee-Flyer-Druckerei-aussen teggee-Flyer-Druckerei-innen

Flyer for private events like wedding or birthday party

teggee-Flyer-Hochzeit-aussen teggee-Flyer-Hochzeit-innen

Flyer for trade fairs and organizers

teggee-Flyer-Messe-aussen teggee-Flyer-Messe-innen
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Where can you apply teggee?

This product video shows the manifold uses of teggee. (Video only available in German)

How to create a mobile website with teggee?

This video explains how to create a teggee-Page - no programming skills required! (Video only available in German)

How to change colors and layout?

This video demonstrates how to change the color theme, define your individual text color and use your own background pattern. (Video only available in German)

How do I support additional languages?

The video shows an example of how your mobile website can support multiple languages simultaneously. (Video only available in German)

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