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mobile landing page builder

teggee is the Mobile Landing Page Builder.

easy to use

teggee is easy to use.

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teggee pages run on all mobile devices.

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A mobile landing page that was created with teggee is a teggee-Page. It is optimized for viewing on various mobile devices with all major web browsers. Eleven different section types allow you to include text, multimedia content, important information and dialogue elements.



After calling the teggee-Page, the first page with the introduction is displayed and below it are the sections.
intro and sections


Multiple language versions can be created. The language switch is located at the top of the teggee-Page.
language versions

Color Themes

Each teggee-Page can be visually adapted with color themes and background graphics.
color themes and background graphics


For photos and graphics there is the gallery section.
photos graphics gallery


Even videos can be easily integrated using the corresponding section type.


Since tegge is multimedia, there is also a section type for audio files.
audio files


In a guestbook section visitors to a teggee-Page can leave their comments, greetings and messages.

Text Editor

Text sections are created with a powerful editor that allows all kinds of formatting.
text editor

Google Maps

A great service for teggee-Page visitors: addresses can be displayed in a map section as a Google Map.
google maps

PDF Documents

In a document section, PDF documents can be offered for download.
pdf document download


Each section can be provided with a different, meaningful icon.


Webcams are always popular and with the corresponding section type they can be included in teggee pages.
web cam


The contact section for the page owner's contact information allows direct mail contact and downloading of the data in vCard format.


A link section allows for the use of an arbitrary URL. Thus, conveniently linking to other pages, a main page can be created that links to several related sub-pages.


In a feedback section visitors can give direct feedback to the owner of a teggee-Page.


If a teggee-Page has many sections, they can be divided with separator sections.

Social Networks

In the social networks section addresses to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. can be included.
social network facebook google twitter

Default Buttons

Four fixed buttons allow visitors to share the URL of a teggee-Page by mail, accompanied by the current teggee-Page of my list to call other teggee pages from the favorites list and to display the teggee code so that someone else can scan it with their smartphone.
default buttons

Password Protection

If desired, you can protect the contents of your teggee-Page with a password. Only the person to whom you give the password can open the teggee page.
password protection
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Each teggee-Page has a unique web address. So visitors need only a link to a mobile landing page to view and use them. With 'teggee Access' there are various ways to share this link with potential visitors.

Access by QR CodeAccess via NFC tag

Increasingly popular is the wireless distribution of information through so-called 'Near Field Communication' (NFC). Receiver may be any mobile device that is capable of NFC. That is the case in most current smartphones with Android or Windows operating systems, and many tablet PCs.

Two NFC-enabled devices can exchange data by the user holding them close together and allow the exchange of data by touching the display. NFC-enabled handsets are always both transmitter and receiver.

However, NFC tags are known as special chips, which can only act as a passive transmitter. NFC tags are very inexpensive (as a sticker an NFC tag costs less than 1 euro). Even the smallest capacity of only 137 bytes is sufficient to encode a teggee URL. An NFC tag can be programmed with any NFC-enabled device by a suitable app. If the link to a teggee-Page is saved on an NFC tag, it is sufficient for transmission if the user keeps his smartphone or tablet very close to the NFC tag and agrees by finger-tap the transmission of the link.

NFC tags are available not only as a sticker, but also as key chains, magnets, check cards, business cards and even bracelets. More information about teggee NFC tags can be found here.

Access by iBeacon

With iBeacon, Apple has developed a technology according to the BLE standard (Bluetooth Low Energy; also Bluetooth 4.0).

An iBeacon is a transmitter, which sends a message to BLE-enabled devices when they come close to it. Under optimal conditions, up to 40 meters. The mobile device must be equipped for this purpose with an appropriate app. The reception of the push message triggers a defined action on the receiver. An iBeacon sending the link to a teggee-Page, triggers, for example, the opening of the mobile browser with the teggee-Page.

iBeacon stations are relatively inexpensive to produce and consume so little power that the built-in battery lasts for years. Meanwhile, not only iPhones and iPads understand iBeacon signals, but also current Android devices with the latest Android version. An app that recognizes iBeacons can now be used to call teggee pages.

Access by link

The best communication is direct, personal communication!

Therefore, the link to a teggee-Page can also be distributed easily to known contacts:

  • by e-mail
  • as an SMS
  • via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)
  • or generally through a website.

Access by QR code

A very simple and elegant way to publish a link to a teggee-Page is with a QR code.

In teggee-Builder there is a function to generate this QR code. The code can be provided with a logo and a custom text that motivates someone to scan the code and visit the teggee-Page. Different styles are available and the color can be changed.

So that a QR code is clearly displayed on every print product, the size (up to approximately 20 x 22 cm) can be changed. teggee-Access generates the QR Code as a PNG image for download. The PNG file can then be printed or electronically published (website, e-mail, social networks). Potential visitors to the teggee-Page just need a scanner or QR-Code reader app for their smartphone. If the teggee-QR Code is scanned, the link to the mobile landing page appears, and with a finger tap the teggee-Page is loaded in the mobile browser.

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teggee belongs to the category of web-based services. This means that mobile landing pages are created and edited on a website using forms. This part of teggee is the Builder. teggee-Builder is reached at the address admin.teggee.com and teggee users need a login and password to access its functions and forms.

home builder
In teggee-Builder, teggee pages are created and edited, teggee codes generated and usage statistics are available.
create teggee-Page
This simple form in teggee-Builder is sufficient to create a teggee-Page, the page name is arbitrary.
section intro
In the intro of a teggee-Page, a header, a title and sub-title can be entered. A logo and a title image can be included by uploading.
The preview shows each item and any change immediately after saving. The altered teggee-Page can also be accessed immediately and checked on a smartphone.
types of sections
teggee-Builder provides various section-types for different content: from text and tables, to photos, videos and audio files, including downloadable PDF documents, Google Maps as well as feedback and contact forms.
text section
A text section is created and edited using a full-featured text editor. The editor offers all relevant functions for formatting the content.
page settings
teggee-Builder includes various ways to change the properties of a teggee-Page: for example, ability to add languages, select a different color theme and change design details.
themes backgrounds
With several color themes to choose from and the option to set text color as well as setting background color or pattern, each teggee-Page can be individualized.
QR code
teggee-Builder creates on request a QR code with a link to the teggee-Page. The QR code can be coloured and provided with a logo and a customized motivation text.
usage statistics
teggee-Pages are hosted on the teggee-Server. Therefore, meaningful usage data and statistics are provided in teggee-Builder. How often sections were opened is one such statistic.
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teggee provides a set of web services that serve as interfaces to the backend (administration). Customer-specific interfaces can also be created at short notice if required.

Web services for custom applications

During the development of teggee we relied from the outset on RESTful-Services. These Web services allow to perform all relevant tasks of teggee administration over HTTP REST requests. So it is possible to set and maintain the contents of a teggee-Page from an application or via databases.

The architecture of these services also allows the automation of content creation and modification. All methods, parameters and return values ​​of Web services are created and documented.

Among others, the following tasks can be performed via the RESTful web services:

  • create and modify the contents of a teggee-Page
  • managing users (only within their own organization)
  • ordering teggee pages (in the role of a reseller)
  • editing of teggee-Page common content
  • retrieving usage statistics

Further information

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