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build mobile website

Anyone can build a teggee-Page

teggee provides a web-based application (teggee-Builder) with all the necessary functions to build a teggee-Page in a short time without programming skills. Clear and self-explanatory forms help you create and maintain teggee pages.

mobile website inexpensive

A teggee-Page is inexpensive

Regardless of whether only one teggee-Page is used for a limited period or any number of mobile landing pages for several years, the flexible price model makes teggee affordable for every application.

mobile optimized

teggee pages are optimized for mobile use

A Landing Page generated with teggee is optimized for display on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) and works with all major mobile web browsers. And because teggee generates mobile landing pages and no apps, teggee pages can be used on all devices regardless of the system (iOS, Android, Windows).

mobile events

teggee supports any type of event

Today almost everyone owns a smartphone, a mobile device is constantly present and is (nearly) always online. At every type of event visitors can always be informed with a mobile landing page, created and maintained with teggee.

mobile customers

With teggee interested parties and customers can learn more

On a mobile landing page is space for more information than on any price tag or sign. With a teggee-Page interested parties and customers can take advantage of additional information on products and services using a smartphone. And even in several languages.

mobile and interactive

A teggee-Page is interactive

Visitors of a mobile (responsive) website - built with teggee - can enter and send their questions, opinions and suggestions directly on the smartphone via built-in feedback and guestbook forms. The direct telephone or mail contact to the teggee-Page owner is also possible.

QR code

teggee generates a web address and the appropriate access code

teggee makes the link to the reserved address upon request and, as needed, automatically gets the corresponding QR code, NFC tag or iBeacon code. A QR code generated with teggee can be adapted to the corporate design and adjusted to any size for various printed materials.


teggee is multimedia

teggee allows for the use of photos, graphics, diagrams, videos, audio, PDF documents and Google Maps as well as the transfer of webcam images in real time. So any user can make its mobile landing page more informative with a full range of multimedia content.

mobile website

teggee offers a practical information structure

A teggee-Page consists of many sections; in teggee-Builder sections for different types of media are available to choose from and several page properties can be set for easy customization. The result is a practical and user-friendly information structure.

mobile real-time

A teggee-Page can be changed at any time and in real-time

With teggee, rapidly changing information can be processed and adjusted with minimal effort and in real-time. Even during an ongoing event existing information can be modified or deleted and new content quickly added. With an app ths is not so easy.

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During the development of teggee eleven typical application scenarios emerged. They have been successfully tested and optimized after the product launch in dialogue with users.


Professional and trade fair (event-accompanying)

Exhibitors at trade shows of all kinds can provide their audience with a stand-related or multiple exhibit-related teggee pages with relevant information before, during and after the event. Additional data for exhibited products are also possible, as well as updated information about demonstrations and meetings with representatives of the exhibitor.

In general, such teggee pages are published a few days or weeks before the beginning of a fair and deleted a week or two after the exhibition closes.

Shop window

Consumer goods and products of all kinds (product-related)

Additional information about products issued and offered 'in the real world', e.g. characteristics, types, prices, discounts, etc., can be offered to potential buyers through a mobile teggee-Page.


Museum, exhibition, collection, auction (object-oriented and event-accompanying)

In a museum and at a special exhibition, each exhibit can be equipped with its own teggee-Page with additional information that cannot be included on an accompanying plaque due to space constraint. Instead, a discreet QR code or an invisible NFC tag can be attached there, that the visitors scan with their smartphone to view the teggee-Page.

The popular audio information generally available at exhibits can be complemented with multimedia material.


Attraction, monument, route, hiking, cycling network (location and object-based)

With teggee the classic information signs at individual attractions or entire routes can be complemented with a QR code or NFC tag, through which the associated teggee-Page can be accessed with additional background and current information.

Here especially is where the multilingual support of teggee brings enormous benefits.


General and current information and offers for guests

Hotel operators and managers can supplement their traditional, paper-based information service for guests and replace them with one or more teggee-Pages.

While the usual info binders and folders cause significant production and printing costs, and can be updated only with some effort, changes to a mobile host information page can be done in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, current offers (gastronomy, wellness, events) can be communicated quickly and easily with a teggee-Page.


General and current information and offers for guests (location and object-based)

In addition to food and drink menus, caterers often offer their guests a changing lunch, the cocktail of the week and other items not on the menu. This applies to restaurants, as well as bistros, cafes, bars and snack stands. Special offers, special menus and events can be optimally communicated via a mobile landing page. Also table reservations, booking rooms or requesting at home catering services are easy to do on the smartphone. Therefore teggee pages are a valuable information tool for restaurateurs.


Constantly or frequently changing information and news (timeliness-related)

Whoever wants to supply its readers, listeners and viewers via their mobile devices with constantly changing news and information (weather, speed cameras, traffic jams, scores, etc.), finds the ideal tool in a teggee-Page.

This is demonstrated by local radio stations such as Radio8 which already use teggee.


Concert, sporting event / football game, celebration / party (event-accompanying)

Whether single event or tour, whether a single match or entire season, whether street party, big event or festivity - with a teggee-Page an organizer can provide the spectators and guests with relevant information tailored to each location and time.

For example, the set list of performing artists, song lyrics to sing along, background information on the event itself, specific references tp catering and constantly updated information that match the event (scores from other events and more). Along with the feedback section, anyone present can also easily get in contact with the organizers.


Associations, self-help groups, citizens' groups, teams, fan clubs etc.

Even today, members of clubs and groups communicate with each other via smartphone, using messenger and social networks. With teggee pages, members can introduce themselves to the community and provide their contact details.

In addition, scheduling, openings, training and match schedules can be maintained in a mobile landing page and important information for all members can be posted and regularly updated.


Additional information and multimedia content to complement print products

Print products of any kind are limited to text and images and can only provide a certain amount of information.

However, if a QR code is also printed that links to an associated teggee-Page, then there are no more media and space restrictions. This applies to newspaper ads and articles, brochures, flyers, folders, business cards, postcards, signs, posters, packaging and many other print products.

Conference, convention, seminar, training (event-accompanying)

With a teggee-Page specially tailored to such an event, participants can be offered the latest details of the location and the program. Further multimedia information on topics, content and speakers can be provided as well.

Changes can be entered in seconds, leaving all users of a teggee-Page up to date.

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fast and easy
fast and easyCreate Mobile Landing Pages: intuitive, simple and fast. Without any programming skills.
QR-Code and NFC
access codeCalled by tapping an NFC tag or scanning a QR code.
real time
changes in real-timeAll changes take effect immediately and can be viewed in a preview.
practical information structureSpecialized sections for different media types. A single-level menu simplifies use.
multimedia-basedPhotos, graphics, diagrams, videos, audio and PDF documents can be used.
multilingualSimultaneously support multiple languages (currently: DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, NL, PT)
Goggle Maps
mapUse of Google Maps for mobile navigation.
webcamLive broadcast can be transmitted by linking a webcam.
feedback guestbook
feedback and guestbookFeedback form & guestbook as interactive elements for communication.
design and layoutSelect from a range of appealing color themes that can be customized.
QR code branded
branded QR codeQR-Code with choice of colors and branding with a logo, as well as personalized motivation text.
SEO meta
SEO meta tagsYour own meta tags for each landing page to optimize the findability by search engines.
usage statistics
usage statisticsMeaningful view statistics of each landing page with exact times.
read aloud
text to speechVisitors with visual impairments or reading difficulties can have content read aloud to them.
common content
common contentSections can be defined, which are automatically used in all landing pages.
creation by web servicesteggee pages can be automatically generated from databases (e.g. with product data) or configurators.
roles and rights
roles and rights systemThrough a system of rights the use of certain teggee-Builder features can be restricted.
password protection
passwordAccess to a teggee-Page can be protected by a password.
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